About Us

Swift Farm is a small family owned CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) located just south of Canby, OR.  Delivery to your door in the Canby/Aurora/Hubbard area is included in your CSA membership.

We also offer small quantities of U/We Pick produce July-October and raspberry, strawberry and other plant starts.  Jams, sauces, pickled veggies and fruit leathers are available throughout the year.

Our produce is  grown naturally without pesticides, or spraysCascade Minerals are added to the soil to enhance the nutritional content of our harvest.  Call for a tour anytime!  We are usually out in the greenhouse, or gardens…

We are currently accepting new shareholders for the 2018 growing season.  1st Delivery scheduled for week after Memorial Day, weather permitting, of course.

Click on CSA Pricing, or any of the other tabs to learn more, or email me at tessica_lynn@yahoo.com.

Swift Farm proudly supports The Bike Concierge.  Stop in and we will gladly refill your water bottle, offer simple first aid, bathroom, or samples of whatever’s in season!



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